Getting Engaged!?! – Your Road to an Engagement Ceremony – a 6 Week To-Do List

Are you getting engaged ?  This point of your life may be one of the most exciting and the most timorous moment, all at once. But if you plan your engagement planning smartly, you may even win the the key to a glitch-free wedding. Spare yourself with the exhausting and crazy headaches and make a plan using our helpful wedding planning tips, tools and website which feature the perfect guidance for staying organized and minimizing stress.


So… Congratulations!

If you haven’t started basking in the glow of soon to-be-engaged yet, we highly recommend it. And while family members and friends will definitely want to know all the details and plans (you know, the ones you haven’t made yet…), don’t be afraid to tell them you’re just enjoying this special time together for now. And when you’re finally ready to start wedding planning, let us help. Not to brag or anything, but we’re kind of pros at this. So, first things first…

Week 1: Organize yourself

List down all the important things you need to search on. Go crazy with this list without thinking about the budget, the timeframe, the practicality. Make it your dream list!
Things you need to focus on:
– Engagement Theme
– Engagement Dress
– Make up & Jewelry
– Venue & Set up
– Invitations
– Engagement Ornaments & Activities
– Engagement Favors
– Guest List
– List of Songs
– Shortlisting your Bridesmaids
– and finally: YOUR ENGAGEMENT RINGS!!!

Week 2: Lets get practical…

The best events are always planned with a crazy start. After a full week research on all the focal points listed above, you will now have a very good idea of your dream Engagement Ceremony. But lets not get too heavy on the pockets, and lets kick in the real time frame.

If your engagement is in the coming 40 – 50 Days, you need you start the Pick & Choose game within this week!
Let’s begin with setting your priority list straight:

Engagement Theme

Based on the theme you choose, which may be according to color or an aura, everything else can be decided.
Recommendation by Wedding Whizz:

* Color Engagement Theme for 2018 is the Family of Purple based on the Color of the Year 2018

– Engagement Dress, Make-Up & Nails, Jewelry & Clutch

Once your theme is set, time to choose your dress, make-up artist, and jewelry to go along with. Keep in mind your budget for this.

If you want to be stress free about this, go to a recommended designer within your area, otherwise choose a design and get it made using your local vendors. Make sure your designer/vendor are cooperative about your theme.
The theme has to match and contrast your dress as well as the tie of your groom-to-be.

Recommended budget: PKR 50,000 – PKR 100,000 (Keep it simple, but elegant)
Recommended Time: 4 weeks (research, order, fittings, and finalization)

For the make-up we suggest that you choose a very good Party-Make up Artist. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT overdo your engagement make-up. The essence of an engagement is to remain simple but elegant. Do ask your local artist for a trial look, once your dress is ready. Make sure your make-up artist also offers to do your nails –  either acrylic or natural.

Recommended budget: PKR 20,000 – 40,000
Recommended time: One week (research, trial and final selection after your dress is ready)

Jewelry should be kept simple, focusing more on diamonds and precious stones instead of Gold. A good simple set which includes a single layer necklace, medium length earrings, a small headgear, ring for the right hand, and a pair of bangles. A clutch selection can also be focused on once your dress is ordered. This set & clutch can later be used for party occasions post-wedding as well.

Recommended budget: PKR 100,000 – 300,000
Recommended time: One week (research, trial and final selection after your dress is ready

Week 3: Planning the Event

– Guest List, Venue Selection, Set-up & Decor 

Since this is an Engagement Ceremony, keep your guest list to the point. Do not over crowd the party. Invite your immediate relatives, closest friends. Save your office colleagues, random relatives, and other formality guests for the Wedding Ceremony. It is always a better idea to celebrate this event only with your closed ones.

So lets say your guest is between a 50 – 150 people – now decide your Venue!
Keeping in mind the weather, see if you can do a daylight outdoor event or an indoor evening event.
Venue should be kept enough to cater to your guest list. It could be a fancy hall, farmhouse, or your own garden, but make sure it is not too spacious or too congested for your guest list size.

Once the venue is decided, pick and choose the planner to decorate your party (You can choose us…). Make sure your planner is cooperative, fun, and understands you, your family and your groom. Also, make sure his/her services are not too pricey. You do not want to overspend on an engagement. Save it for your honeymoon.

Very important note: Align your decor with your theme!



Recommended Budgets by Wedding Whizz: 

Budget on Venue Rental & Decor: 100,000 – 150,000
Budget on Food Menu per head: 1000 – 1200 per head

– Engagement Ornaments & Activities

Make sure you event is personalized and fun for you and your guests!

Starting with the Ornaments, order a personalized Engagement Tray. You can view and order beautiful Engagement boxes and trays from our website. Add on the Engagement Personalized Props & Frame for your Photobooth.


Decide your Hashtag which you may use till your wedding event as well. You can add this hashtag on your photobooth frame, and even on your invitation card.

For the activities, ask your friends & cousins prepare a skit for the Engagement, or even some dances. You can add on an activity table where your guests can sign in their wishes and blessings. And of course, set up a pretty Photo Station.


Recommended Budget & Time Frame by Wedding Whizz: 

Budget: PKR 8000
Time: 5 – 7 days

– Invitations

Our favorite part! Since it is an Engagement, we advise you to go for some elegant mixture of Foil Printed or Digital Printed Invited, packed in Laser Cut Jackets. Or you can even simply create an E-Vite using our awesome designers!

Recommended Time: 3 – 5 Days | Recommended Budget: PKR 1000 – 5000

Week 4: Planning to Amaze your Guests!

– Order the Cake 

Personalize your cake with your theme! Make sure your cake has a prop on top.
Recommended Budget: PKR 6000 – 10000


– Order your Favors

Wedding Whizz offers a variety of Favor Boxes! Make sure your boxes fit in yummy treats, which your guests will never forget.
Ideas: Cookies, Treat Box, Single Cupcake Box

Recommended Budget for Boxes: PKR 5000 – 10000 (100 Guests)
Recommended Budget for the Treats: PKR 10,000 – PKR 12,000 (100 Guests)


Wee 5: Let’s get everything in order! 

– Choose your Bridesmaids 

Choose & announce your Bridesmaids a little ahead of time. You will need them on the day and during this week. Keep this list short for now, and increase it near your wedding day.
Divide the event tasks amongst them.

– Go for Fittings and Trials 

Time to check and make final alterations for the dress. Get Make-up trials. Check jewelry fittings. Take your bridesmaids along to get a second opinion.

– Make a list of song to give it to the DJ 

Promise this is important. Do this ahead of time. Ask your Bridesmaids to make this list & give the medley list to the DJ.

Week 6: Get yourself and your beauty in order!

Just a few days till the Big Day!
What you should be doing:
– Mani & Pedi trips
– Saloon trips for a Facial, Haircut, Waxing
– Spa trip for a Massage – You NEED to relax yourself
– Get beauty sleeps
– Last minute shopping if necessary
– A sleepover with your bridesmaids – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Last but not the least, we must remind you this is YOUR engagement. YOUR time to cherish. YOUR time to shine. Make sure the event is about having fun and making memories. Do not make it a disaster for yourself running after perfection.
Our team at Wedding Whizz can be at your service during any phase of your Wedding Journey. If needed, you can reach us, and even appoint us as your bridesmaids if needed! <3

Best of luck, you crazy beautiful Bride-to-be <3

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